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The Cold War

Mot Nella

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1.a form of government with a king or queen as leader
5.Billy Graham was one of these
8.U.S. Diplomat, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950
11.postwar international organization
12.Adolph Hitler's party
17.group of movie directorsand writers from California
19.restricting the expansion of communism
20.city that was jointly administered by US, France, Britain, and the Soviet Union
22.another name for the systematic destruction of the Jews
2.title of Douglas MacArthur after WWII in Japan
3.he remained in the imperial palace but had no power
4.communist leader in China
6.the first artificial satellite
7.pain or punishment given to POW's
9.huge corporations run by single families in Japan
10.movement seeking a Jewish homeland in Palestine
13.border between North and South Korea
14.people who support others and their ideas
15.people who protest against others actions
16.competition for global power
18.place MacArthur counterattacked on Sept. 15,1950
21.also known as the North American Treaty Organization

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