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The Cold War

Ms. Gasperoni

Origins of the Cold War

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2.Country that received aid under the Truman Doctrine
6.Germany was divided into four of these after WWII
7.U.S. policy of sending aid to any nation trying to prevent a Communist takeover
8.Peacekeeping group of countries after WWII
11.Leader of Soviet Union after WWII
14.Country that received aid under the Truman Doctrine
15.Type of economic system in the U.S.
16.The division of Europe between free and communist countries
1.The Soviet sphere of influence was in this half of Europe
3.State of hostility between the Soviet Union and the U.S. but without military action
4.Country dominated by the Soviet Union
5.Resupply of West Berlin by U.S. and British planes during Soviet blockade of 1948
9.Effort to block Soviet influence by making alliances and supporting weaker nations
10.Program under which the U.S. gave economic aid to rebuild postwar Western Europe
12.Conference where Stalin stated that the Soviet Union would not allow free elections in its occupied territories
13.Defensive military alliance of the U.S., Canada, and ten European nations

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