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Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492

Mrs. Wiedower

Crossword Puzzle

2         3  
8   9        
10 11   12          
13 14                    
15             16      
17         18            

2.Fast sailing ship used by the Spanish
4.Front end of a ship
6.North, South or Central America
9.Back end of a ship
11.Controls the direction of a ship
14.Platform for a outlook at top of mast
15.Lever used to steer a boat
16.Pole rising from deck of ship
17.A large vessel built to carry people or goods across water
18.A long trip from one place to another
19.Person born or raised in a given place
1.Measures depth of water
3.One who travels for the purpose of discovery
5.Not recorded on any map or chart
7.Type of Bird
8.People working on a ship
9.Ship Columbus was on when he made his first voyage
10.Old Coin of Spain
12.To find something before anyone else
13.One of the three ships commanded by Columbus

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