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Constitution & Federalist

Shannon, Amanda, & Crystal

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3.name for supporters of the constitution and creation of a federal union w/a strong central government
9.1774 gathering with twelve of the thirteen colonies
14.legislature w/only one legislative body
17.political system in which states/regional governments retain ultimate authority except for those powers they expressly delegate to a central government
18.group of people occupying a specific are and organized under one government
19.doctrine that asserts the superiority of national law over state/regional laws
1.binding international agreement between chiefs of state that does not require legislative sanction
2.1775 congress of the colonies that established the army
4.legislature composed of individuals who represent the population
5.result of weakness of articles of confederation
6.held in 1786 to discuss commercial problems only, national government had serious weaknesses that had to be address at this convention to it were to survive
7.held in 1787 to"consider the exigencies of the union"
8.indiviual opposing constitution and a strong central government
10.compromise between the New Jersey adn Virginia plans that created one chamber of the Cnogress based on population and one chamber that represented each state
11.rights held to be inherent in natural law, not dependent on governments
12.power of supreme court or any court to declare unconstitutional federal/state laws and other acts of government
13.prinicple of dividing governmental powers among executive, legislative, and judicial branches
15.structure of government in which the powers of the government are separated into three branches, suggested by Madison
16.formal approval

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