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The Great Depression

Directions- There are no spaces between the words. Try your best and have fun.
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2.More than you need.
3.A bad time with a lot of unemployment.
4.A group of stock brokers.
8.When the Stock Market is in good shape.
9.The state of being without a job
10.A time when the Stock Market crashed and many people lost their jobs.
13.A place where stocks are sold.
14.Taxes on imported goods.
16.FDR's strategy for relief and recovery in the United States during the depression.
17.When the value of stocks goes down.
18.A person who acts against or for a specific cause.
1.After the first New Deal began to crumble in the face of opposition and issues of constitutionality, FDR laid out plans for the _________.
2.A benefit plan for people in their old age.
3.A very large dust storm that caused many farmers to move and look for jobs.
5.The New Deal created so many agencies and federal organizations called_________
6.The day the Great Depression truly began -Thursday, October 24, 1929
7.The President durin th Great Depression
11.Stock Exchange Commission
12.When the Stock Market is in bad shape.
15.President after Hoover who served 4 terms

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