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Dividing North America

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9.A place of residence
10.Protected the French way of life
12.He brought discipline to Jamestown but had to leave after being injured in a gun powder explosion
13.A settlement created by the Church in order to convert Native Americans to Christianity
17.This explorer named the land he discovered Pascua florida
22.Important French settlement
24.A railroad that spread across the entire United States
27.A crop that could be sold for cash or supplies
29.He chased the French from their settlement and established Spanish dominance in Florida
32.Made Canada a self-ruling dominion on domestic matters but it was still under Britain's control
33.A document that outlines the pattern of American government
36.Legislative branch of US government
37.Brought complete freedom to the 13 colonies from English Rule in 1783
38.What the settlement at North Carolina is called because no colonists were ever found
39.Powhatan's daughter
40.Spaniard who saw the Indians as human beings
1.A group of countries who swear allegiance to Britain
2.His marriage to Pocohontas removed the threat of Indian attach against Jamestown
3.A French explorer who founded the first permanent settlement in North America at Quebec
4.Members of a religious group who wanted to separate from the Church of England
5.As acting governor of Jamestown, he helped the colony tim improve after the "starving time" winter
6.Producing what you need to live
7.This Spainard often enslaved Indians and stole their grain reserves
8.He funded the first attempted English colony in the New World
11.Attempted to explore Florida in 1528
14.United States, Canada and Mexico
15.A railroad that spread across all of Canada
16.Established a temporary settlement at present-day Espanola
18.Samuel de Champlain's title
20.Group of settlers who disagreed with certain church practices; wanted to "purify" the church
21.Puritan settlement
23.Site of the first attempted English settlement in the New World
25.Findings suggested that Britain relax control of Canada
26.Vitamin deficiency
28.Messengers of the woods
30.Oldest continously inhabited city in the United States
31.A French explorer who explored the St. Lawrence River in search of the Northwest Passage
34.the business or process of procuring, transporting, and selling slaves, esp. black Africans to the New World prior to the mid-19th century
35.The first permanent English settlement in the New World

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