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The French-Indian War

Martin Hafer

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2.This French city was the site of the battle that ended the war.
4.This British general stupidly blundered into the French occupied lands completely unprepared.
5.This was the color of the British soldiers' uniforms.
9.Benjamin ____________ was really TICKED OFF when his plan was not adopted.
11.The French were primarily interested in making $ in the New World this way.
12.The ____________ of 1763 closed the newly won lands to settlement.
14.This army was made up of civilians to fight in times of emergency.
16.The French-Indian War ws called the __________ Years' War in Europe.
1.In the beginning of the war, this country won more battles.
3.The man from the British Colonies ws sent to tell the French to "GET OUT of the Ohio Valley".
6.Fort ___________ was located around the modern city of Pittsburgh.
7.The ___________ Confederacy was creaed by an alliance between 5 Native-American nations.
8.This Indian leader attacked the Colonists AFTER the French surrendered--as a result, his troops were easily defeated.
10.These Canadian settlers were forced to leave and relocate to Louisiana because they would not swear allegiance to the king of England--instead, they swore AT him!
13.The ____________ Plan of Union attempted to get the Colonies to work together.
15.This happened to BOTH commanders Montcalm and Wolfe in this final battle.

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