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French Revolution

Jack Ellston

Difficult Crossword Puzzle

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    7                       8    
10               11 12    
14 15                    

1.What was a major event that happened in 1789?
5.Who was executed on January 21, 1793?
7.Who was the creator of the guillotine?
10.What is name of building peasants tore down "brick by brick"?
13.What was the name of the last phase of the revolution?
15.What was the "killing machine" of the French Revolution?
16.The ___ Massacres when the revolutionaries killed 1,000
18.What did the king come back to Paris with as a sign of good will?
19.What was the name of the tax that upper citizens were exempt from?
20.What faction had the majority of the members?
2.Who was the main leader behind the revolution?
3.What factions name came from a department with the same name?
4.What were the three groups that separated France into called?
6.What type of Government did the National Convention declare France?
8.What was the first of the three factions?
9.what was the name of the first phase of the revolution
11.What illness that was believed to be had by King Louis XVI preventing him from having children?
12.What popular sport's playing surface did members of the 3rd estate have an oath on?
14.What country was Marie Antoinette from?
17.Who mainly marched to Versailles on October 5, 1791?

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