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Germany: 1924-1929

IGCSE History

What were the key factors that brought recovery to the Weimar Republic?

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3.What happened in America in 1929 that had a major impact on Germany?
5.In 1925, Stresemann signed the Locarno Pact with Britain, France, Italy and which other country?
7.These replaced the rentenmark
9.Who was Germany's foreign secretary between 1923 and 1929?
12.Which area in Germany did the French invade in 1923 and then leave in 1924?
13.The Dawes Plan relied on loans from which country?
14.What happened to Stresemann in 1929?
15.In what year did Germany join the League of Nations?
16.In 1928, what fell to its lowest level in in 10 years? (This is a good thing!)
17.Because of The Locarno Pact, which area did the Allies remove their troops from?
1.In 1929, the Young Plan cut what from £6.6 billion to £2.2 billion?
2.In 1928, Germany signed a pact with 65 countries, it was an agreement not to use war to achieve foreign policy aims. What was the pact called?
4.Arguably the biggest problem facing Germany in 1923.
6.These replaced Germany's currency and increased confidence in German money
8.Who said that the repayments agreed in the Young Plan was "passing on the penalty to the unborn"
10.This plan allowed Germany to repay the reparations at an affordable level.
11.Which fossil fuel output rose from 275,000,000 tons in 1924 to 350,000,000 tons in 1929?

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