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Gold rush terms

1 2
4 5                
    7 8
9                                 10  
15                   16          
3.small chips of gold
5.a vein or deposit of gold
6.A person stealing another persons claim
9.seeing gold in the gold fields
12.Free loose gold that has been washed down from the gold deposits in the quartz rock
15.no trace of gold found
16.the amount of gold dust or nuggets that a miner owns
17.diggings where it is dry such as in the rocks
19.supplying a miner with food and supplies
20.Clay, sand, or gravel with gold in it
1.digging into tunnels looking for gold like a coyote
2.a trace of gold found
4.an unusually large concentration of gold in a small area
7.the bottom of an old stream or riverbed filled with gold flakes or nuggets
8.clearing away over burden to get at the gold- bearing gravel
10.a person who prospects for gold
11.the waste left from mining
13.diggings where water is found such as in the streams
14.A place in California with a series of lode gold mines
18.a piece of land staked out by a miner for working

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