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Greek Crossword

1 2                                   3
4           5          
    7             8          
  9                 10      
15   16    
19 20       21         22          
26           27                
2.King of Asia
4.A leader who changed the form of Athenians government to full democracy
7.God of the Sea
8.Macodanian King
9.Goddess of Love
11.war fought bettween the Mycenaeans and the Trojans
13.Ruler of the Gods
14.Messenger of the Gods
17.Wars that went on from 540 B.C.-480 B.C.
20.First historian to wrote about the Persian War
22.Goddess of War and Wisdom
24.Greek Poet
25.God of music and Poetry
26.Indian King
27.A member of the Aristocracy
1.Someone in the Golden Age who used mathamatics to build many useful machines
2.Someone in the Golden age who wrote comedies
3.A war that lasted 27 years
5.The greatest scientist of the Golden Age
6.One of Socrates students
8.A Trojan Prince
10.Darius I's son
12.Teacher who taught by asking questions
15.Someone who wrote about tragities
16.Student of Platos and teacher of Alexander the Great
18.God of War
19.Protector of Woman and Marriage
21.Persian King
23.Goddess of the home

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