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Greek and Helenistic Contributions

Mr. Bergin

Directions - Using your Global History & Geography review book (PAGE 45), complete the crossword puzzle. Be careful about spelling!!

2   3
4           5                 6
9 10                      
  11       12        

4.Greek mathematician that wrote a book that became the basis for modern geometry
5.Greek scientist that explored the principles of the lever and pulley
7.Believed people learned through reason
8.Believed government should control lives of people
10.Greek astronomer that discovered that the earth rotates on its axis and moves around the sun
11.The most famous Greek building
13.Greek historian that is often called the Father of History
1.Lovers of wisdom
2.Greek physician that studied the causes of illness and looked for cures
3.Culture resulting from Alexander the Great's Conquests
6.Developed the Socratic Method
8.Greek mathematician that developed a formula to measure the sides of a right angle
9.Plays that told stories of human conflict
12.Wrote epic poems that inspire many later writers (including the Illiad and the Odyssey)

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