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Ancient Greece and Rome

Lawrence Rowswell

1                     2
  3               4
6           7   8 9    
        10   11            
14                               15
    17                               18
  19           20                  
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23           24                  
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  27                 28  
  30 31               32 33  
35               36              

1.Three rulers
3.Rome vs. Carthage (2 words)
6.Home of the Oracle of Apollo
11.A Roman general who defeated Carthage
14.This Mongol attacked Rome from the East (3 words)
16.Unpopular philosopher, sentenced to death for corrupting the youth of Athens
17.The center of the Roman Empire in the East
19.Island in West Greece, one of the Ionian Islands, home of the legendary Odysseus
20.Landowners in Ancient Rome
23.Legendary author of the "Illiad"
24.A curved arch, structurally strong because it distributes stress evenly (2 words)
25.Emperor of Rome who converted to Christianity
26.The Language of Ancient Rome
27.Peaceful and prosperous Golden Age of Rome (2 words)
29.Meeting place of the Roman Republic
31.Litterally means "high place"
34.From the Greek point of view, anyone who couldn't speak Greek
35.Carthaginian general who used elephants against the Roman Army
36.He carried a lantern around in daylight, looking for an honest man
37.These brought water to Roman cities and towns
38.Leaders of the Roman Republic
1.The legal code of ancient Rome (2 words)
2.He was a member of the Second Triumverate (2 words)
4.Patricians elected to office, Roman Elders
5.Athenean playwright who wrote "The Trojan Women"
7.They attacked the Roman Empire from the West (2 words)
8.A member of the First Triumvirate, Dictator of Rome (2 words)
9.First Democracy
10.Elected representative government, from the Latin for "public matters"
12.Ancient Roman Stadium
13.Warlike city in the south of Greece, Military rival of Athens
15.Mask worn by a Greek Actor in a play
18.Athenean scientist and philosopher who wrote "Ethics," "Physics," and "Metaphysics"
21.Ancient Greek scientist and mathemetician who discovered the principle of water displacement
22.Blend of Greek Hellenic and Roman Cultures (2 words)
28.Plebians elected to office
30.Commoners of Ancient Rome
32.These connected Rome to China (2 words)
33.The principal unit of the Roman army, typically 3,000 to 6,000 troops with cavalry

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