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3               4
  8       9          
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3.The begining of the revolution brought about the end of this family's dynasty. Bringing a rule of over 300 years to an end.
6.Political theory that advocates the public ownership of property.
7.Abreviation for the federal system of socialist republics established in 1923 in various ethnic regions of Russia.
8.Means to step down from a high office or royal throne and formally relinquish power.
10.This is the treaty that officially withdrew Russia from World War I, on March 20, 1918 and allowed for more than a million German soldiers to transfer from the Eastern Front and continue the offensive in the West.
12.Tsar of Russia during The Great War. Assumed control of the Russian Army shortly after the Russian Army's Great Retreat. Married to Alexandra, the grand-daughter of Queen Victoria.
13.During the Russian Civil War this group was lead by Leon Trotsky. (two words)
15.Political movement that urged attack on private property in the name of equality. Emphasis on the state controling the means of production and ending capitalist explotation of the working man.
16.A battle fought for principles and ideals.
18.With the death of Lenin in 1924 this individual eventually rose to power and would lead Russia throughout World War II.
1.Creation of large, state-run farms rather than individual holdings. Allowed for more efficient control over peasants.
2.The communist party of Russia and eventually of the Soviet Union. Formed by Vladimir Lenin in 1903, the party was first a faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.
4.A liberal leader of the first Russian Revolution of 1917, wanted to see a genuine parliamentary rule, as well as religious and political changes. His leadership would be short lived when a second revolution would soon take place.
5.Defrocked Orthodox Priest who became priceless to the Romanov family for his mystical healing powers involving their only son. Known for his heavy drinking and womanizing, his influence over the Russian Royal family eventually leads to the demise of this ruling dynasty.
9.An ethnic group within Russian society found on the steppes of western Russia and the Ukraine region, used by the czars as an internal police force to quell civil unrest. They also participated in numerous uprisings against the czarist government.
11.Leader of the Bolsheviks, the most radical branch of the Russian Marxist Movement. Was living in exile in Switzeralnd until 1917 when he returned to Russia.
14.The young heir to the Russian throne who had a blood disease known as hemophilia .
17.Term used to describe the emperor or monarch of Russia.

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