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Imperialism and World War I

Mr. Schiralli

Use this crossword to study for your test. Use the word bank. Western Front, Suffrage, Hawaii, Open Door Policy, Big Stick, Convoy, Rough Riders, Panama Canal, Alaska, annexation, militarism, social darwinism, Treaty of Paris, guerilla warfare, Great Migration, preparedness, Zimmerman Note, Manila Bay, Belgium

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8.Filipino rebels used these tactics against American soldiers? (p.523)
14.The movement of blacks to the North to work in factories during the war?
15.Hawaii became a U.S. territory through? (p.524)
16.American soldiers did most of their fighting along the?
17.This treaty ended the Spanish-American War involved the territories of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines? (p.523)
18.Roosevelt used the U.S. military to enforce this diplomacy? (p.529)
19.An aggressive build-up of a nation's armed forces? (p.565)
1.The German invasion of this European country outraged the American people and turned public opinion against the Germans? (p.
2.The purchase of this territory from Russia, was called Seward's F
3.This future state was annexed after Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown? (p.524)
4.American approach to China around 1900, favoring open trade relations between China and other nations? (p.525)
5.The efforts and sacrifices of American women led the government to support?
6.Roosevelt supported a Panamanian rebellion against Columbia so this could be built? (p.528)
7.Location of a major naval victory over the Spanish? (p.522)
9.This event shocked the American people and was the immediate cause of the U.S. entry into World War I?
10.This movement encouraged the U.S. to get ready for war? (p.568)
11.A volunteer calvary unit that was led by Teddy Roosevlet during the Spanish-American War? (p.522)
12.The best country would survive and win any competition with other nations?
13.Merchant and troop ships traveled in this for protection? (p.574)

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