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Ancient India


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5.Through meditation a person may at last acheve enlightenment. For the buddhast the final goal is this.
8.Founded a new religion, his teachings eventually spread this religion all accross Asia to become one of the worlds's most influentioal religions. Later he changed his name to Buddah.
9.Social groups which people are born into and from which they cannot chage.
10.Collection of prayers, hymns, and other religious teachings.
11.A seasonal wind. In October the winds bring a flow of hot, dry air. While in June the winds bring a steady flow of moisture.
14.The idea of the rebirth of the soul in another bodily form.
15.This Maurya leader became a Buddhist, and paved the way for the spread of Buddhism accross Asia.
1.This religion evolved over 3500 years. It absorbed beliefs and forms of worship from the many groups who settled in India.
2.To escape the wheel of fate, Hinduism stresses the importance of this. It is the religious and moral duties of an individual.
3.First Indian civilization, in present day Pakistan.
4.Indo-European people who migrated accross Europe and Asia seeking water and pasture for cattle.
6.500 years after the Mauryas this empire united much of Inida. They ruled from 320 A.D. to 550 A.D., this was called the Golden Age.
7.Was the basic unit within the village. Parents, children, grand-children, uncles, and their offspring shared a common dwelling.
12.An effective but harsh ruler. Maintained order through a well-organized bureaucracy.
13.Refers to, all the actions in a person's life will affects his/her fate in the next life.

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