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Jewish American History


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7.Jews converted to Catholicism in Spain.
11.Judah P. Benjamin appeared on the two dollar bill for which side in the Civil War?
13.Judah Touro was successful as a merchant and in.....
14.Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise founded this denomination in America
15.Most frontier Jews were
1.Number of penniless Jews who arrived in New Amsterdam in 1654
2.Levi Strauss invented these
3.Jewish financier of the American Revolution
4.The store the Straus family became owners of in 1896
5.The governor of New Amsterdam who didn't want to let the Jews stay
6.By the 1730s these Jews outnumbered the Sephardim
8.Luis de Torres served this role on Columbus' ship
9.Most of the Jewish settlers during colonial times were this "type" of Jew
10.Ernestine Rose was known as the "Queen of ......"
12.Solomon Guggenheim donated this kind of clinic to the poor children of New York

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