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Kansas History-Indians & Explorers


Complete the following crossword puzzle over ch.2 & ch.3 in your Kansas History book.

3                 4             5 6
8       9                         10    
  12           13                
17 18          
  19                   20       21     22    
  24                     25                
28                   29              
30 31                       32  

1.Method of transportation for Stephen Long.
3.Tribes that lived in permanent homes.
4.Mythical city of gold.
7.Coronado came in contact with this tribe most frequently.
8.Indians used Buffalo fat for this.
9.American Explorers that traveled up the Missouri River.
11.Buffalo skin was made into these.
12.Halfway landmark on the trail to Santa Fe, NM.
14.Prices often did this the further along the trail you traveled. Also a Flower.
19.This tells us that the Kansa & Osage may hav lived as one tribe.
21.2006-07 NCAA Champs
24.First European explorer in Kansas.
26.Most encounters with Indians on the trail westward can be described as this.
28.This tribe was nomadic;also happens to be Mr. B's dogs name.
29.Trail that went through KS, exclusively for transporting goods.
30.Closest Indian reservation to Rossville.
33.Tribes, or people on the move, constantly following a food source.
34.American Explorer captured by the Spanish.
35.Animal that the Spanish brought to the Indians, greatly increased Indians mobility.
36.Label that Stephen Long gave the area that was to become KS.
1.Rights of the Native americans that were ignored by the Europeans & Americans.
2.Concept that envisioned the U.S. reaching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans.
3.First European group to explore what is present day Kansas.
5.Type of school set up for Native Americans.
6.Tribe most closely related to the Wichita.
10.Kiowa chief known as "Orator of the plains".
11.Trail that Osage followed on their buffalo hunts.
13.Indian tribes were assigned to these in KS.
15.Animal that plains indians depended on, on a daily basis.
16.Kansas was named after this Indian tribe.
17.Most common killer on the Oregon trail.
18.Indians used Buffalo tongues for this.
20.Act that moved Indians from the east to the west of the Mississippi River.
22.Trail that settled the west.
23.Most Common starting point for both trails headed west in the early to mid 1800's.
25.Protective vests that the Spanish Army wore.
27.Second European group to explore what is present day Kansas.
31.Tribe most closely related to the Kansa.
32.Osage men often put these on their body for certain ceremonies.

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