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Marine Corps History

Mr. Forbes

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4.The current U.S. Marine mascot is a ________ because it represents the Marine attitude. (2 words with no space)
7.________ is a combination of selfless determination and a relentless dedication to excellence.
9.Soldiers describes as "Marines" were used to fight off the Persians by this ruler.
12.Marines have mounted over 300 assaults on _______ shores.
13.The Marines celebrate their birthday with a formal _______.
15.Only those who survive the ____ of Marine basic training have been sculpted in mind and body into a Marine.
16.Congress commissioned Robert ______ to raise the first two battalions of Marines.
18._______ requires each Marine to exemplify the ultimate standard in ethical and moral conduct.
19.The U.S. _____ have been the first branch of armed forces to serve since November 10, 1775.
21.British Marines burned everything but this property owned by the U.S. Marines out of respect.
23.The Marine Corps is the most loyal, most feared, most _______, and most professional fighting force the world has ever known.
24.The first U.S. Marine mascot was a _______ dog. (Hint: He is extreme evil)
25.__________ Fidelis is the Marine motto meaning "Always Faithful."
26.Confederate _______ of America established the Confederate States Marine Corps.
27.At the ball, the first piece of cake must be served to the ______ marine their.
1.The Roman equal to the Marines was called,"________" (2 words with no space between words)
2.The _______ Corps values are Honor, Courage, & Commitment.
3."Once a Marine, Always a Marine" is a saying credited to Master Sergeant Paul _______.
5.The Marines can trace their heritage to the __________ Marines (2 words with no space between)
6.The official ______ of the Marine Corps is November 10th.
8.Themistocles was leader of the ______.
10."From the Halls of __________" (Song lyric and previous motto)
11.Pride & ________ are trademarks of Marines for their ability to think above traditional soldiers.
14.The second piece is presented to the ________ Marine there.
15.Simply stated, _____ is honor in action.
17.Both Marines' logos do not include this object because it Marines are offense, not defensive (Hint: What do you use to defend yourself if you were a knight?)
20."To the Shores of ________" (Previous Motto)
22.The Marine Corps' bulldog is named _______ after Lieutenant Lewis B "_______" Puller, Jr.

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