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Medieval Times

Erin Johnson

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3.a deadly disease, also called bubonic plague, spread by rats and fleas
5.a spear carried by knights on horseback
6.hand-written book
7.a club made of a ball with spikes attached to a wooden handle, carried by foot soldiers
8.a cover or shield for the sword
11.born into the highest social class
14.mesh or net made of metal rings or links worn under the armor, chain mail
15.a short-bladed, double-edged knife
18.middle ages
19.armor that protects the arm
20.type of government
21.a glove
23.a large, strong building or group of buildings surrounded by a high wall for protection
26.body of water which surrounded the castle.
30.people who work the land for the lord
32.a combination battle-axe and lance
33.the moveable part of the helmet in front of the eyes
35.a sport using a boy and arrow to hit a target
36.a heavy, double-edged steel cutting weapon
37.overlapping plates that form a short skirt around hips
38.monk who painstakenly wrote manuscripts
39.used by foot soldiers
1.metal that covered the shoulders
2.a religious person
3.a person who makes armor
4.metal covering the knee and allowing for the movement of the leg
9.a long-handled axe
10.a suit of metal worn by knights to protect them during battle
12.a wealthy landowner who is often a knight as well
13.a compact bow carried by foot soldiers
16.a collar of metal to protect the throat
17.a piece of steel that covers the thigh
22.woven artwork used to decorate the walls of castle and keep out drafts
24.armor that covers the foot
25.armor from the ankle to the knee
27.a breast plate from the neck to the waist (bulletproof vest)
28.noble soldiers
29.a head covering
31.pretend fight between two knights on horseback
34.had no land but had to work on the lord's manor at certain times, as well as make other payments

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