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Middle Ages


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2.This institution offered unity, security, and a social life for peasants of the Middle Ages
5.Law of the Church.
6.a Lord's estate
8.Christian religious communities in which member devote their lives to God
10.The legislative body of Medieval England
11.another name for North-men
14.traveling poet-musicians
18.a set of ideals on how to act
19.epic poem about a battle between Charlemagne's knights and muslim invaders
20.The style of architecture intended to achieve better lighting through the use of large stain glass windows and high narrow arches.
22.period of European history from 500 to 1500
26.A Frankish ruler who built a huge empire and unified Europe for the first time since the Roman Empire
28.guarranteed trial by grand jury
32.system of exchanging land for service
33.Most celebrated woman of the Middle Ages
34.The expansion of trade and changes in business practices
35.The main goal of this was to recover Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks
37.at the age of 21 of person of this status gained experience in local wars and tournaments
38.Returning Crusaders brought more goods, spices, textiles, to Europe. This is known as...
39.people who receive fiefs
40.synonym for serf
41.one of two inventions from Asia that changed the technology of warfare in Western Europe
42.The practice of the appointment of church officials by kings and nobles was called…
1.Religious ceremonies that led to achieving salvation were called
3.The three masters of a knight were his Feudal Lord, God and his...
4.mock battles that combined recreation and combat training
7.young new worker, ran errands and did chores
9.3+ years experience, subcontracted himself out to other masters
13.the medieval economic system
15.The style of Architecture with round arches and darker simplistic interiors
16.The German-Italian Empire later became known as
17.another name for a land grant
21.This was the act of taking a person’s right to membership in the Church
23.Charlemagne’s empire was divided into kingdoms among his 3 grandsons
24.guaranteed certain basic political rights
25.Dynasty of Frankish rulers, lasting from 751 to 987
27.process by which a cultural trait, material object, idea, or behavior pattern is spread from one society to another
29.head of the Catholic Church
30.church tax, 1/10 of income
31.An organization working to get the best prices or working conditions
35.this event during the Middle Ages contributed the most to trading and cultural diffusion
36.Germanic people who held power in the Roman province called Gaul
38.The bishops and priest who the pope in Rome had authority over were called the…

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