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Middle Ages Crossword Puzzle

Brendan Hickey

  3 4
5       6   7 8    
    10       11
12           13         14        
  15   16                        
18       19 20                    
      22 23  
  24           25     26          
27                   28             29
30   31               32      
    34 35  
37           38          
39               40      

2.(......) I, king of Germaney was crowned king of Holy land by Pope.
5.The advisers are called the (......)
9.(......) III raised churches authority in his time of being pope.
12.If you did not believe in a churches ways your a (......).
14.Charging intrest on loans is a what?
16.(......) is a way to bring together religion and reasons.
18.(......) is another name for a peasant.
20.The Muslim ruler who in 1187 gained rule in Jerusalem.
21.A ten letter word for a paid worker working for a master.
24.A (......) is a "prince of the church".
26.(......) of Arc led france to win the Hundreds Year War.
27.In this order all churches in an area whould be closed.
28.A military journey to regain holy land is a (......).
30.A ceremoney preformed to gain gods direct favor.
33.(......) the confessor, died without having a clear heir.
36.(......) II took power away from feudal lords and gave it to monarchy.
37.A style of architecture known for its hight and flying buttresses.
38.The head monk in a monestary is a what?
39.All hale king (......) the conquerer.
40.A grant of land was called a what?
1.(......) was based upon customs and judges not recorded codes.
3.An (......) would be taken into the hands of a master worker.
4.Saint (......) brought Christianity to England
6.A six letter word for a convents leader.
7.A quest to find all heretics is a (......).
8.Traveling singers who wrote poems were called what?
10.The type of government centered around a manor is a what?
11.The system of giving land to the oldest son is what?
13.Nights have to obey the rules of (......)
15.(....) XI, the French king who united France and took power from feudal lords.
17.Saint (......) set rules that monks must follow.
19.The name type of government where small lords rule.
22.Saint (.....) brought Christianity to Ireland.
23.(......) of Aquitain married King Henry the
25.(......) the great, drove out Danes from England by 886.
29.A six letter word for buying your way into the chuch.
31.A (......) is money that was erned and invested
32.The person who recieves a grant of land is a what?
34.(......) wrote the book "Sic et Non.
35.A Anglo-Saxon governmental district is a what?

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