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Native American Tribes

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1.The Seminoles lived mainly in this state.
5.The Kwakiutl and Nez Perce Indians lived in this region.
6.The Inuit lived in ____________________
8.The Plains Indians were ___________________ and traveled to follow the buffalo.
10.What tribes needed to have in order to have a permanent settlement. The Pawnee did not have this.
14.The Northwest Indians were well known for making _______________ from the trees to tell their family history.
15.The Inuit used _________________ for clothing in order to keep warm.
16.This tribe was located in the Far North, or Arctic
17.Most tribes used animal ______________ for clothing
18.The Hopi lived in ___________________ made of adobe
20.The Plains Indians lived in ________________
21.The Northwest Indians used ________________ to catch salmon and whales in the ocean.
22.The Name of the Southwestern Indian Tribe
2.The Hopi used __________________ in order to be able to grow crops since they had little rainfall.
3.The Hopi grew this plant in order to make their clothing
4.The Nez Perce Indians lived on a _________________, further inward than the Nez Perce.
7.This was the shelter of the Eastern Forest and Northwest Indians.
9.The Hopi kept this animal to use for clothing
11.The Hopi lived in this region, made mostly of deserts.
12.The ______________________ tribe lived in the Eastern Woodlands, or Eastern Forest
13.The Seminoles had ________________ soil so that they were able to grow crops
18.The name of the Plains Indian tribes
19.The Nez Perce and Kwakiutl caught _______________, whales, and seals in the ocean for food.
20.The Kwakitul and Nez Perce _______________ because they were located close to one another.

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