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The Native Peoples of Canada

Ms. Ravensbergen

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5.The diet of human groups and the ways in which people obtain food.
7.A valuable trade item for the Iroquois.
9.The Northwest Coast did this to the salmon to preserve it.
10.Because fuel is scarce in the Arctic, most foods were eaten this way.
11.A plant or animal adapted for human use.
12.This boat was used by the Inuit for transporting groups of people.
13.A dietary staple of the Plateau people during the fall.
14.The study of human groupings and the interactions of human beings.
16.A story that explains something about the world.
17.Inuit clothing is primarly made of this animal skin.
19.The main wood used for housing and canoes among the Northwest Coast peoples.
20.The area of BC with one of the densest pre-European population concentrations.
25.Descent from generation to generation is reckoned through the male line only.
26.This Native group was one of the only matrilineal societies in Canada.
28.The Native group that resides in the Arctic.
29.This food was common to the Plains people for its nutrition and its portability.
30.The Northwest Coast natives used these type of people for menial tasks.
33.A story that describes the challenges and adventures of a heroic person.
37.This group of Northwest Coast natives live on the Queen Charolette Islands.
39.Coast Salish had this type of kinship.
42.A group of people who shared a name and descent from a common ancestor.
43.Participants in this religious festival were not allowed food, drink, or rest.
44.The staple crop of the Iroquois
45.This group was the least rigid in their social organization of the Northwest Coast groups.
47.The Northwest Coast nation living at the head of Howe Sound.
49.To make generalizations about people.
51.Participants in the Sundance sought these by subjecting themselves to pain and suffering.
53.This Native group depended upon the bison for survival.
54.Domed snow houses.
55.How a person identifies his or her blood relatives.
57.Tells the story of a clans origins and deeds.
58.These were constructed by the Inuit and used as landmarks during the caribou hunt.
59.One of the sea mammals hunted by the Inuit.
1.This animal was hunted by the Plateau.
2.This boat was used by the Inuit for hunting.
3.The tipi is a suitable shelter for groups of people who are _________ because it is easy to put up and take down.
4.Another name for a buffalo.
6.The movement of the Northwest Coast peoples to different food sites.
8.The name of the river with the major salmon run for the Northwest Coast people.
11.Because the Iroquois made decisions based on the opinions of the majority, they can be considered Canada's first _________ society.
15.An organized way of describing the characteristics of a culture.
18.Pemmican is made of bison, lard, and ________.
21.This Native group was very concerned with status.
22.An Iroquois town was run by a _______ which consisted of chiefs from each family.
23.During this season the Northwest Coast peoples lived in permanent villages.
24.When a man and a woman marry, they go to live with the woman's exteneded family.
27.A method of hunting buffalo.
31.The gifts from this ceremony are payments to those who witness a family ceremony.
32.Iroquois towns were guarded by these.
34.This type of housing is suitable for the cold dry climate of the interior of BC.
35.The Inuit used these for walking on snow.
36.A Northwest Coast village that was home to at least a thousand people.
38.A famous Haida carver.
40.The discovery of this led to larger permanent villages for the Iroquois.
41.The Northwest Coast natives used these to commuicate the legends of different clans.
46.Bison hides were used to make this type of shelter.
48.Inuit society was organized according to groups of people who did this activity together.
50.An extended Iroquois family would live in one of these.
52.This Native group constructed pit houses.
56.This animal's blubber provided energy and protein for the Inuit.

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