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The Norman Conquest

Chelsie Keenan

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1.The month Edward the confessor died.
7.The month that William victorious.
9.King Harold was killed by this weapon.
15.A fort made by new Norman lords to protect them.
17.William won the battle that gave him control of England in this place.
18.A fuedal noble that served a lord of the next highest rank.
19.What was Edward the Confessor's role in England.
20.William was the Duke of this place in northern France.
22.The type of soldiers the Anglo-Saxons used.
2.He was massacred at Durham along with hundreds soldiers.
3.The religous leader who supported William.
4.The name of the book that William keep a recording of everything that anyone owns.
5.A service the Normans used to control the land.
6.William was Crowned king on this day
8.The language the Normans adopted.
10.A part of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Great Britain from northern France and connects the Atlantic and North Sea
11.A national council of nobles that chose a king and helped the king rule the country.
12.William received the submission of Stigand in this location.
13.In 1204 King Philip II stopped all Norman and Angevin holdings in the mainlands of France except for this place.
14.An embroidery that shows the events before and during the Norman conquest.
16.An administrative area that was controlled by a royal official.
21.William gained control of this place.

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