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Oedipus the King, and the History of Ancient Greece

Magda Robak

1                 2         3 4
  6 7        
8       9             10              
    11 12              
      14     15           16
18 19                                 20 21
    23           24            
  27   28                
        30   31      
32 33 34                    
        36 37        
38       39           40  
42     43     44          
45                   46          

1.The author of Oedipus the King
2.The gender not allowed to participate in Greek theatre
5.Greek belief in moderation
6.The final stanza in some odes
8.The style of acting in ancient Greece
10.Supposedly in a conspiracy against Oedipus
12.The opening of a play
14.Oedipus' grandfather
19.Where Oedipus was found as a baby
22.When Greek plays began (time of day)
23.The translator of our version of the play
25.He who told Oedipus of Polybus' death
26."Son and husband to his mother"
28.The ruler of Athens during the Golden Age
29.Belief in many gods
30.The creaure that terrorized Thebes before Oedipus
33.Direct reference to an absent person or inanimate object
35.The apostrophe at the end of scene 4
37.The uncle/brother-in-law of Oedipus
38.The paradox in episode 1
41.Roman Mercury (wore winged shoes)
43.Sudden revelation
45.Purging of emothions experienced at the end of a tragedy
46.The art of divination
47.Hermes' son
48.Chorus song (rotating right to left)
1.The translation of "Oedipus"
3.The final scene
4.The city in which the play takes place
7.Masks worn by actors
9.Chorus song (rotating left to right)
11.The city of Merope and Polybus
13.Approximate number of men in the chorus
15.When the audience knows information the characters are unaware of
16.The name for a monarch who assumes the throne through heroic deeds
17.The name for a monarch who inherited the throne
18.Someone who does someone else's bidding
20.Oedipus' alleged mother
21.Son of Labdicus
24.Leader of the chorus
27.Long, flowing, padded robe
31.Excessive pride
32.Being in the chorus was considered a _____ ____
34.The small platform in front of the skene
36.So-called father of Oedipus
39.___________ personae (the list of characters in a play)
40.Group of men who interpreted the meaning of the play
42.Oedipus' wife
44.The opening song of the chorus

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