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Introduction to Post WWI America

Mr. Citarella

1           2     3
    4         5        
        6 7
    8 9                    
  10         11              
  12               13         14    
            16 17        
18     19                    
20                 21                            
      22                   23  
25     26
28               29    
31   32                
34             35                  
      36           37
38       39       40   41          
    42         43        
44                 45         46

1.a famous cure for halitosis from 1923
4.(Macy's, JCPenny, Sears, Lord and Taylor) Stores
9.a common use for the inflated Mark
11.Governor of Massachhusetts in 1919
12.small parts of a larger whole payment
17._____ gang of the president
19.Island of entry
20.A dam, a man, a president
21.state of Sacco and Vanzetti
22.favoring native-born people
24.Economic opposity of communism
27.The first right on red
28.point at which no further agreement seems possible
30.New Jersey man famous for his transatlantic flights
31.one of many roadblocks unions faced
34.A famous highway where one can, "Get your kicks"
35.excessive amounts of a product
36.The first underwater tunnel
38.the spread of cities
41.Marx's lesser known fellow theorist
42.person seeking money on a street corner
45.heart detention; killed Coolidge
47.a factory, a place of worship
48.proposed shrinking sea power
1.this time grew with the efficiency of appliances in the 20's
2.removal from all foreign affairs
3.denounced war but lacked enforcement
5.Pan American Airlines launced the first flights of this kind
6.A penny or ten cent store
7.GOP Animal
10.were advertised as a safe alternative to sweets
13.making more with less
14.Opposed Roman Catholics, Jews, African Americans and most foreigners
15.characterized by government ownership of everything
16.helped move America away from gasoline power and oil lamps
18.Model T's expensive companion
23.Woodbridge's famous first
25.the largest group of immigrants in 1921
26.Half of Lockheed-Martin today
29.First L. of J.L.L.; and Iowan
31.This standard soared during most of the 20's
32.Harding's hope for the future
33.A numerical benchmark
37.to fail to pay a loan
39.Home of the Teapot
40.the abscense of government
43.the black energy source that predated oil
46.taxes on imports

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