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Test Review

1 2 3
  4 5   6        
  7 8                   9
    11     12    
13                       14              
              15   16  
    18     19  
  20       21    
22                           23          
25               26        
27     28            
29                           30               31
    35           36    
37                     38               39  
  40         41                  
42               43        

6.Caesar was assassinated in this month
8.Gladiator who lead a slave uprising against Rome
10.Jewish group that advocated the overthrow of Roman rule
13.First Roman codification of Law
14.Backbone of Roman architecture
15.Author of the "History of Rome"
17.The most significant building in Rome
22.male head of a Roman household
23.Island of contention at the beginning of the Punic Wars
25.changed the nature of raising an army in Rome, gave them land for loyalty
26.mountain range in the norther part of Italy
28.number of Punic Wars
29.The Roman Procurator in Judea
30."The Roman Peace"
33.Made Christianity the official religion of Rome
35.Roman General who defeated Carthage
37.He was made dictator for six months, though severed only for a couple of weeks
38.The majority of the Roman people were members of this class
40.River that runs through Rome
41.They had the greatest impact on Rome
42.type of government where the leader is not a monarch and some of the people can vote
43.Language of the Western Roman Empire
1.The first group to invade Rome
2.The apostle responsible for spreading Christianity
3.The language of the Eastern Roman Empire
4.Rome fought against them in the Punic Wars
5.Battle that ended the second Punic War
7.Lost his head in Egypt
9.Held off an Etruscan army at the bridge
11.The lover of both Caesar and Athony
12.He divided the Roman Empire
16.Author of the Aenied
18.Book written by Marcus Aurelius
19.Proclaimed official tolerance for Christianity
20.Last Emperor of the Pax Romana
21.Backbone of the Roman Republic
24.He appointed his horse consul of Rome
27.First Christian Emperor
31.The first Emperor of Rome
32.Upper class Romans
34.He attacked Rome over the Alps
36.The river that meant "the point of no return"
39.Persecutor of Christians

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