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Honors History pgs 125-136


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2."Fathers" of the city of Rome; wealthy landowners; aristocracy
4.Roman general; commander under Caesar; member of the Second Triumvirate; fling with Cleopatra that led to his death
7.Type of Law that set rules and regulations for Roman citizens only.
10.Mountain range than runs down the length of Italy
12.Roman general who defeated Hannibal at Zama in 202 BC
13.Major river and river valley of Northern Italy
16.Type of law the applied to Romans and foreigners
17.Law passed in 287 BC that gave the Concilium Plebis the force of law and ended the Struggle of Orders
18.One of the two legendary founder of the city of Rome in which the city of Rome is named after
20.Male head of the household who has almost absolute power of the family
21.Grandnephew of Caesar;seized control over Rome after Caesar's death; aka Augustus
22.Series of three wars (264-146 BC) between Carthage and the Roman Republic
24.Huge agricultural estates owned by patricians; banana republics
26.Watchdogs of the Republic; protected the plebeians from the patricians
27.Law passed in 445 BC that allowed for open class marriages and created the tribunes.
30.Roman patrician aristocrats (2 brothers) who called for land reform but were both assassinated
32.Ruling legislative body in the city of Rome; began as an advisory body
33.Common people of Rome
34.Roman general who is 88BC seized power in Rome and declared himself dictator
35.Roman general of the First Triumvirate who sided with the Sentate and was defeated by Caesar
36.River than runs through the city of Rome
1.Battle of the second Punic War in which Scipio Africanus defeated Hannibal in 202 BC
3.Council of the Plebs; legislative body
5.From a nobel family; surviving member of the First Triumvirate; boundless ambition; brilliant politician
6.Member of the Second Triumvirate forced out by Octavian
8.Overall culture of the Roman world; combines Roman and Hellenistic cultures
9.The freeing of slaves by their masters
11.Culture and people who controlled early Rome and from which the Romans adopted much of their culture from
14.Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt; had flings with Ceasar and Antony; sided with Antony over Augustus
15.Carthaginian general of the second Punic War who invaded Italy
16.Type of law that evolved from Civile and Gentium; universal law
19.Fertile regional plain in which the city of Rome is located
23.City of North Africa; trade empire; former Phoenician outpost
25.Flexible military unit capable of fighting on open or broken land; 5000 soliders
28.Magistrates who commanded the army in battles, administered state business and supervised financial affairs
29.Battle in 31 BC in which Octavian's forced defeated forced of both Antony and Cleopatra
31.Major battle of the second Punic War in which Rome lost 40,000 troops

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