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M Hespen

How well do you remember the Roman Republic/Empire?

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  33                   34   35  

1.another culture that influenced Roman culture
4.goddess of love
6.god of light and healing
9.wealthy ruling class
10.group of approximately 5000 foot soldiers
12.burial tunnels where Christians hid
15.main square of the city where politics were discussed
16.Julius Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey
17.government system ruled by representatives and law
18.two of these ruled so no ruler would have too much power
19.long period of peace in the Empire
20.what you could do if you were a citizen
24.attacked from the northwest to gain power for Carthage
28.leader loved by the people and hated by the Senate
31.common people
32.representatives of the plebeians
33.one culture that influenced Roman culture
34.emperor that blamed Christians for burning Rome
36.changed the Republic into an Empire
2.river that Julius Caesar and soldiers crossed to reach Rome
3.twin who gave Rome its name
5.famous leader of slave revolt
7.wars against the Phoenicians (Carthaginians)
8.foreign tribes that threatened Rome's borders
11.huge arena for gladiator fighting and chariot races
13.written laws the judicial system followed
14.picture made with tiny stones
21.government system where Emperor's rule is law
22.emperor who made Christianity the state religion
23.power in government sometimes produces this
25.city "preserved" by volcanic eruption
26.arch-supported water system
27.chief of all gods
29.ruling body made up at first of only Patricians
30.Egyptian queen who befriended Caesar and his heir
35."All roads lead to ______."

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