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Slavery Puzzler

Erin Vaeth

See if you can fill out the whole puzzle using slavery vocabulary words!

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1.A popular crop grown from leaves
6.People who worked for free for a certain amount of time in exchange for free passage to America
9.The process of selling or trading people who were taken to be slaves
11.The continent located directly south of North America
13.People who watched over the slaves
15.Third main place where slaves were taken to from the Middle Passage that was mostly occupied by British
19.A system where people were forced to work their whole lives for free
20.Place where slaves were mainly relied on to raise and harvest sugar
21.Journey made by slaveships across the Atlantic Ocean
22.Colonists relied on slaves to drain, build dikes for, and harvest this crop
23.A large farm or estate usually with many slaves that raised the crops
2.The production of crops, livestock, or poultry
3.Colonies that relied on slavery for production of crops such as wheat
4.Money or somthing gained from selling, trading, ect...
5.People the colonists originally tried to enslave but they knew the land and escaped
7.The colonies with the smallest need for slaves due to less farming
8.The colonies that relied mainly on slaves to do the work
10.Continent where most slaves were brought from
11.A judgment about a whole group of people
12.Slaves with no skills that usually worked the fields
14.An opinion formed about somthing or someone without fair judgment
16.People that sold and traded the slaves
17.Belief that one race is better then others
18.Slaves that were skilled and usually had less supervision

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