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Statue Of Liberty

Jenny Lee

1 2 3
8                 9
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4.The condition of being free to act, move, etc without restriction
5.Name of the city where the statue is located. New ______.
6.Name of the nation from which America won the freedom
8.Name of a French scholar who provided the sculptor with the inspiration to make the stute of liberty
10.Name of the French sculptor who designed statue of liberty
12.Name of the president who declared the statue of liberty be a national monument in 1924
13.The year when the statue of liberty was unveiled
14.Name of the city which held the International Centennial Exhibition and where the arm of statue of liberty was shown to americans.
18.The part of statue of liberty which France paid for
19.Freedom from captivity, slavery, restrictions, etc
20.Name of the city which hel the World's fair in 1878 and head of the statue was shown first time
21.Name of the nation who presented the statue of liberty to America
1.Name of the poet who wrote "The New Colossus" at the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. Emma ________.
2.The part of statue of liberty which U.S.A. paid
3.A settlement abroad established and controlled by the founding country
7.What was the event Franco-America committe wanted to present the statue of liberty to America. America's ________.
9.Last name of U.S. president when the Statue was unveiled
11.Which year was America's 100th year of independence ?
15.My______ Liberty was the name first called by the sculptor.
16.Name of a famous journalist who rescued the fund-raising in U.S. for the foundation of statue of liberty
17.Name of the island where statue of liberty is located

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