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The Magna Carta

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2.John suffered from _______ during the war.
4."Magna Carta" is latin and means "_______ _______"
7.To give the Magna Carta an impact, the _______ _______ of King John was put on it to show people that it had his royal support.
8.The Magna Carta was signed between the barons of Medievil England and _______
9.Many of the clauses concern England's _______ system.
10.Many historians believe that the Magna Carta is one of the most important _______ of all time.
12.The _______, angered by John's behaviour, banned all church services in England in 1207
13.The last sections address how the Magna Carta will be _______ in England.
15.The barons wrote the Magna Carta, which contained _______ clauses
16.The Magna Carta can be divided into _______ sections.
18.The Magna Carta was signed in _______.
1.King John was born on _______.
3.The king govened England and dealed with its people according to the customs of _______
5.The first clauses concern the position of the _______ _______ in England.
6.John was forced to sign the Magna Carta at _______ in 1215.
11.By _______ of 1215, the barons didn't completed defeat King John, so they discussed matters and the result was the Magna Carta
14.The Magna Carta guaranteed _______ to the people that the king could not go back on.
17._______ barons were given the responsibility of making sure the Magna Carta was carried out by the king.

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