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Thomas Paine

Zach Cramer

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7.He wrote for the ______ Magazine.
8.He kept Paine aware of the events in revolutionary France.
12.Samuel Ollive, Paine's friend, was a(n) ______.
13.At age 55 Paine was one of the ______ deputies at the National Convention.
15.He was 5'9" tall at the age of ___.
17.Paine was once placed in ______ Prison.
18.Because of ______ Paine was given special treatment while in a hospital.
20.The years following 1797 Paine did this with the Bonnevilles.
22.Paine rode over on the London ______ to america.
25.Edmund ______ was one of Paine's closest English associates.
26.Paine and Burke toured iron ______.
29.He also considered himself above ______ politics.
30.The King of ______ was another ship he sailed on.
32.Loyalist clubs published anti-Paine pamphlets and ______.
33.Paine ecaped England by ______ to Dover.
35.Paine spent ______ months in this prison.
36.William ______ thought that Paine's life was in danger.
37.Paine thought that his ______ bridge would bring him great riches.
39.Paine belived that the death of Louis XVI would, "spread universal ______."
40.Paine stayed a _____ ar Burke's estate in Buckinghamshire.
1.Paine once wrote an election ______ for a candidate running for Parliament.
2.Paine donated ______ dollars to Washington's army.
3.Paine worked for ______ in Philadelphia.
4.The ______ Revolution created a split between Paine and Burke.
5.In 1787 Paine normally dined with ______ and Lafayette.
6.The men's social club that Paine was involved in met at the White ______ Tavern.
9.Lafayette shouted, "The birds are ______," when he burst into Paine's bedroom.
10.John ______ had a fitting epitaph for Paine's headstone.
11.Paine disagreed with the monarchy and ______ privilege.
14.Paine was a salor on The ______ after running away from home.
16.Mary Lambert, his first wife, was a(n) ______.
19.Once Paine was arrested by Jacobin ______.
21.On this boat he had a ____-class ticket.
23.He was once offered the position of the ______ of the Revolution.
24.They talked about ______ and politics.
27.Paine once took a ______ day journey through the French countryside.
28.Paine could not read or speak this.
31.He then threw himself into Pennsylvania ______.
34.After release from prison ______ invited Paine to stay at his house.
38.New ______ gave Paine a 267-acre farm in New Rochelle.

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