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The Tribes of Roman Britain

Dylan Garges

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3.These were the peoples of northern and western Kent
6.another Brythonic tribe that share a name with a Gaulish tribe that inhabited modern-day Belgium.
8.the first mentioned by Julius Caesar in his de Bello Gallico
11.Ptolemy's Geography gives us the names of many of these tribes Foremost amongst these are the Caledones or _________.
14.Little is known of the _____________ tribe, save that they appear to have been a sept (or sub-tribe of the powerful Britantes, rulers of much of Northern England during the Roman period).
16.The _________ remain an almost total enigma as almost nothing of their culture before the Roman invasion has survived.
18.they were a small grouping living in the region of modern-day East Yorkshire.
20.Originally probably an independent tribe, it seems that the _______ had been subsumed into the Brigantes
24.known only from a mention in Ptolemy's Geography where he names a Portus Setantiorus to the north of Moricambe Aestuarium (Morcombe Bay).
26.Lying at the heart of Britain, the ________ had one of the largest of all tribal centres at Viroconium (Wroxeter).
28.These were the people of the fertile lands of south-western Wales.
29.their territory covered most of what is today the Llŷn Peninsula in North-West Wales.
30.the tribe of the area that now covers the Brecon Beacons and the Valleys of South Wales.
1.were a large and powerful tribe with territories covering most of modern Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and southern Cambridgeshire.
2.territory was centred around modern Dorset
4.The ________ are a tribe that lived in the region of Scotland that today includes Glasgow and Strathclyde.
5.This grouping lived in the Grampian region and were agrarian in nature, dwelling in small, undefended, farmsteads.
7.were actually a federation of many smaller peoples whose territory was centred on the region of the Pennines.
9.This tribe lived in the region of modern Tayside.
10.the tribe of what today is north Wales and Mona (Môn [Anglesey]).
12.occupied one of the largest regions of Britain
13.their territory covered most of what is today mid and west Wales.
15.In his Geography, Ptolemy places the ________ in the Southern uplands of Scotland, though the precise extent of their territory is unknown.
17.seem to have been a loose confederation of mainly agrarian tribes whose economy seems to have been based predominantly on cattle.
19.Before the Roman conquest the area of West Sussex was occupied by these...
21.The territory of the _________ seems to have extended from the region of modern-day Edinburgh to Northumberland.
22.territory and tribe is somewhatr of a mystery
23.Almost nothing is known about this tribe, save that they lived in the region that corresponds to modern Kintyre and the islands of Arran, Jura and Islay.
25.were amongst the largest tribes of Britannia, with a territory that covered large extents of the Severn Valley and the Cotswolds.
27.one of the best-known of the Brythonic tribes.

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