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The Civil War

Alvin Mathew

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1.a call to military service
2.the place or center of command, esp. of a military unit
7.Union General
10.2nd battle of Bull Run; North called it this.
13.the union of the Southern states that had seceded
20.the rights guaranteed by a nation's government to all its citizens.
22.Robert E. Lee's "perfect battle"
23.blodiest battle of the war
25.1st Battle of Civil War
29.making the attack
31.a large mounted gun for firing heavy shells.
33.President of the U.S. during the war
34.the victim of a severe accident, esp. one that results in death.
35.a person who serves in the army, esp. an enlisted person as opposed to an officer.
36.military unit composed of three or four brigades led by a major general
37.strong or fortified place for protection against the enemy.
38.the ownership of one or more persons by another or others
39.foot soldiers; basic unit of a Civil War army
3.all rights and powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution nor denied by it to the states.
4.speech by Lincoln about the many casualties
5.person who offers himself for service without being forced to do so
6.number of similar items grouped as a unit
8.also known as battle of Pittsburg Landing
9.the 1st major battle of the war
11.those states remaining loyal to the United States of America
12.place where a battle is fought; area of conflict
14.the act of freeing from some constraint or confinement.
15.general of the Confederacy
16.a heavy, large-calibre gun with a long barrel, carried on the shoulder and loaded through the muzzle
17.a war within a nation between opposing political regions.
18.large, lengthy bullet made of soft lead that was fired from Civil War
19.last battle of the Civil War; Lee surrenders
21.to move or quit from one place
24.a 19th century warship having sides armored with metal plates
25.an encounter of two armies
26.another name for Confederate
27.a handgun with a revolving set of cylindrical chambers for bullets.
28.army component mounted on horseback used mostly for scouting, raids and protecting the flanks of the army
30.an instrument used for fighting
32.muzzle-loading cannon used to fire projectiles at high angles

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