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Constitution's Signers

Julie Nichols

This provides a connection to names of statesmen who signed the U.S. Constitution. It's by last name only, and clues are based on a background sheet from The Center for Learning AP Government booklet.

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7.drafter of the Articles of Confederation; during Constitutional Convention, helped formulate the Connecticut, or Great, Compromise related to congressional representation
8.Delaware lawyer who served in the Continental Army and Continental Congress; attorney general of Delaware
11.Pennylvanian who shares name with Gouverneur; after Constitutional Convention, made wild land speculations in the West and thrown into debtor's prison
13.did not want war with Britain, instead advocating peaceful settlement; from Connecticut
16.New Jersey lawyer who was in the NJ militia during the Revolution and taken prisoner by the British
17.strong advocate of nationalism and aristocratic rule; from Pennsylvania; shares his name; later strong supporter of Erie Canal
18.Massachusetts lawyer and farmer who was among the youngest members of the Constitutional Convention; wanted to eliminate slavery
19.Delaware lawyer and planter who served in the Delaware militia during the Revolutionary War
22.New Jersey lawyer who during the Revolutionary War was arrested for high treason
24.the eldest statesman and "great compromiser;" known still for his Poor Richard's Almanac
27.New Jersey capital named for this lawyer who co-authored the New Jersey Plan related to congressional representation
30.North Carolinian Presbyterian minister and math professor; close friend of Franklin
32.North Carolinian who was educated at home; became a lawyer and was also a land speculator in Tennessee
33.New Hampshire merchant who had been a Federalist during the Constitutional Conventions but later abandoned the party in support of the new Democratic-Republicans of Jefferson
34.Maryland planter and conservative nationalist
1.South Carolinian who shares a name but with the middle name; later became involved with the XYZ Affair involving France
2.Maryland planter who supported building canales to encourage transportation of goods from the coast to the interior
3.wealthy Pennsylvania merchant who supported the bicameral legislature and penal reform in that he did not want capital punishment
4.shares a name but without the middle name; from South Carolina who was a lawyer and served in various political offices including SC governor
5.Pennsylvania lawyer who actually was a loyalist who left America for London but later returned to support the American Revolution
6.New Hampshire storekeeper
8.Virginian who served in England's House of Burgess prior to coming to the colonies; he was on the U.S. Supreme Court
9.born in Ireland but eventually settled in Pennsylvania; commanded the militia during the Revolution; was a strong Federalist
10.Delaware merchant in shipping and trade
12.New Jersey lawyer and farmer who was opposed to slavery; supported the New Jersey Plan related to representation in Congress
14.North Carolinian who was educated in Scotland; was governor of NC and a member of the House; killed in a duel
15.Massachusetts merchant with little formal education; had speculative land schemes that later led to disgrace
19.South Carolinian who once served in the British Army; born in Ireland and came to colonies where he was a planter, but he lost much of his property during the Revolutionary War
20.Delaware lawyer who was only delegate at the Continental Congress to vote against independence on July 2, 1776; but he did sign Declaration
21.South Carolinian who was educated by his father; a lawyer and planter who helped organize SC's government and favored aristocracy/elite rule
23.Georgian who was a Yale graduate, minister and lawyer
24.did not have much formal schooling, but was a self-taught lawyer from Georgia
25.New York lawyer who collaborated with Jay and Madison in The Federalist Papers; later secretary of treasury under Washington during which he introdouced plans supporting manufacturing through the "American System" and the establishment of a national bank; killed in duel with Aaron Burr
26.the father of the Constitution; Virginian who wrote most of it, The Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights to appease Anti-Federalists; later helped found the Democrat-Republicans with Jefferson
28.Pennsylvanian educated in Scotland; professor of Latin at the College of Philadelphia; defended loyalists in court; lost money to Western land speculations
29.merchant who served as governor in Pennsylvania after the Revolutionary War; Democratic-Republican with Jefferson, etc.
31.Maryland physician who served as a military surgeon during the Revolutionary War and was later on Washington's staff

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