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U.S. constitution


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1.The president can appoint court justice with senate's approval?
2.What can congress do to kill a bill when the president is holding onto it?
4.When is slave trade abolished?
9.The elastic clause gives congress the power to ?
10.Supreme Court will be the jurisdiction if the ambassadors, public ministers or consuls are involved?
11.Article one in the constitution is about which branch of government?
12.What votes are needed in both houses to override veto?
15.What power does the president has over a bill?
17.On a military and public safety level, congress can ?
19.Article six states that which two things are still valid after the establishment of the constitution
20.The president is the in chief of the military?
24.How many years of citizenship are required to be a senate member?
26.Congress can not tax articles from any states?
27.A bill becomes a law when the president is not responding in days?
29.President can also appoint people when vacancies exist during senate ?
33.Who is the chief justice of the Supreme Court?
34.Can an atheist be sworn into public office?
35.The president of the U.S. must be a citizen?
38.States can decide to have the majority mentioned in 42 by either legislature or ?
40.The Supreme Court can set up courts?
41.Congress can not suspend the privilege of Writ of Habeas unless is invaded?
42.Who has the power to take action in impeachments?
43.What is the clause in article one section 8 clause 18?
1.Every years are senate member elected to office?
3.The president can ask head of to write reports in their corresponding area?
5.Levying war, adhering to their enemies, aiding and giving them comforts is called against U.S.?
6.Every years are house member elected to office?
7.One of the two ways to propose an amendment is by two-thirds of ?
7.The number of electors from each state is decided by the number of people from that state?
7.What is formed by the house and the senate?
7.Who has the power to declare punishment for the answer in 37?
8.Article six states that which two things are still valid after the establishment of the constitution
13.After the amendment is proposed, is needed by states?
14.Congress can not take money from the without making a law.
16.The president is elected by popular vote and vote?
18.The executive branch includes the president, vice president and ?
21.Do people elect the president directly?
21.Must all the states agree to the constitution for it to become valid?
22.Sates are protected by the constitution the right to ?
23.Which branch of government is article three about?
25.Who is the president of the senate?
25.Who takes over if president is removed?
28.High officials must oath to affirm their supports for this ?
28.What is the supreme law of the land?
30.The other way is by majority in two-thirds of state to call a convention?
31.Article two talks about the branch of the U.S. government?
32.How many years of citizenship are required to be a house member?
36.Congress can money on U.S. credit?
37.What vote is needed in both houses to propose a bill?
39.Congress can also money to regulate the value?

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