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History #3


History vocabulary words

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1.led cuban exiles living in the US
6.join or attach
10.28th president (1913-1921), keep the US out WW1, proposed league of nations
11.decleration by president Monroe in1823 that the US would oopose efforts by any outside power to control a nation in the westen hemisphere
13.27th president of the US 1909-1913, promoted "dollar dipolmacy"
15.devotion to one's nation.
17.policy by a stronger nation to create an empire by dominating weaker nations economically politically, culturally, or militarily.
18.Migration of English settlers to the Massachusetts Bay colony beginning in the 1630's
19.type of newspapeer coverage that emphasized sensational stones of crime and scandle
2.26th president of the US in 1901-1909; built panama canal fought trusts, increased US influece.
3.American approach to China around 1900, favoring open trade relations between China and other nations
4.newspaper publisher from 1887 until his death in 1951; used "yellow journalism" in the 1890's to stir up sentiment in favor of the Spanish - American War.
5.intervene in the affairs of countries that were of economics and strategic interest tp the nations
7.president Teddy Roosvelt's 1904 extension of the Monore Doctrine in which he asserted the right of the US to intervene in Latin American nations
8.Americans fought the spanish on cuban and philippians lands
9.The group that recieved the most publicity was the 1st volunteer cavalry. Leader was Teddy Roosevelt
12.President Taft's policy of encouraging American investment abroad
14.International organization formed after WW1 that aimed tp promote security & peace for all member.
16.a shorter route between the pacific and atlantic oceans

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