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Kendall Gilbert

1 2
5             6   7                
  9                     10          
15       16  
        18   19                

3.process developed by eli whitney in the 1790s that called for making each vital part of a machine
5.small landowning farmers
6.invented the cotton gin
9.large iron factory that operated in richmond, virgina in the early to mid-1800s
11.crop brokers who managed the trade between southern planter and their customers
12.efficient production of large numbers of identical goods
13.built the tom thumb
19.ssystem developed by samuel morse's assistant that represented each letter of the alphabet by a certain combination of dots and dashes; used with the telegraph
20.period of rapid growth in the use of machines in manufacturing and prodution that began in the mid-1700s
21.invented the steel plow
22.machine invented by samuel morse in 1837 that uses pulses of eletric current to send messages across long distances through wires
23.device invented by eli whitney in 1793 to separate cotton plants 'fibers from seeds; revolutionized the cotton industry
1.rapid growth in the speed and convenience of transportation;in the u.s. this began in the early 1800s
4.invented a harvesting machine
7.made improvements on the sewing machine
8.rebellion in which nat turn led a group of slave in virgina in an unseccessful attempt to overthow and kill planter families
10.a slave from virginia belived that god had called on him to end slavery
14.invented the steamboat
15.emotional christian songs sung by slaves inthe south that mixed african and european elements and usally expressed slaves' religious beliefs
16.invented the telegraph and the morse code
17.region stetching from gerogia to east texas where most u.s. cotton was produced during the mid 1800s
18.oral stories that often provide a moral lesson

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