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US History

Steven Edwards

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47                           48                      

1.First encounter with the USSR in the Cold War
5.First nuclear accident to occur in the US
6.Set up an insurance on bank deposits that still exist today
7.The North Vietnamese fighting force
12.The President has to warn Congress 60 days before he can declare war
13.The Ho Chi Minn Trails were bombed in this country
16.Rebuild Wetern Europe to prevent Communism to penetrate it
18.Gave war supplies to countries fighting Germany in WWII
22.The turning point of the war in Germany
23.Slaves that moved west to prosper
24.Faught for rights for the mentally ill
26.Created the fugitive slave laws
30.Manifest Destiny
31.19th amendment passed in 1919 granted this
34.Nixon was most associated with this scandal
36.Set up a modern day draft in which 18 year old men have to sign up for
37.The Manhatten Project brought us this great invetion...
39.Bill Clinton sent troops here to fight
41.The Germans last offensive in WWII
43.October 29,1929
45.Laws don't matter because a state can enforce what they wish to
46.Removed indiands to reservations west of the Mississippi
47."Point to the spot where blood was spilt and we will declare war"
48.Refused to give up her seat and sparked the Civil Rights Movement
49.Believed in social darwinism and involved in the steel business
50.Plan of blaming the Vietnam War of the Vietnamese
51.Europe can no longer colonize in the american territories
52.Gave war veterans rewards once they returned home such as a college education
54.Wanted African-American rights without violence involved
2.FDR started this trying to stabilize the economy
3.Perfect fueling station between US and Asia
4.Students from this school fired the first shots of the civil war
8.Exposed JD Rockefeller for what he really was
9.Founded the Mormon Religion
10.Wanted African-American rights by any means necessary
11.Secret bars that were created during the time of prohibition
14.The Last of the Mohicans
15.Wanted a better form of public education
17.Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders charged up this
19.Sent money, supplies, and troops to any country fighting Communism
20.College students were killed for protesting
21.No government interference in businesses
25.Group of USSR's satellite countries
27.The policy of keeping Communism from spreading
28.Gave the President the right to declare war on whomever he wishes (Vietnam)
29.Woodrow Wilson's most focused point in the 14 points
32.Thomas Jeffersons mistake that crippled our trade businesses economy
33.Sent money and supplies to any country fighting Communism
35.Set up the line of 36 30
38.Was not a war we wanted to partake in, but "needed" to stop the spread of Communism into it
40.Did not want to abolish slavery just stop the spread of it
42.China should be shared by all world powers
44.Author of the Jungle

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