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Chapter 6 Terms

Katie Schweizer

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7.Refuse to buy a certain item
9.One of the leaders of the expedition to invade Quebec and fight the British
12.A leader of the Sons of Liberty
14.Composer of the Declaration of Independence
15.A colonist loyal to England
17.Sites in Massachusetts of the 1st battle of the Revolution
18.A colonial force with George Washington as its commanding general.
21.A series of laws passed by Parliament to punish colonists for the Boston Tea Party
23.(use roman numerals) wanted to enforce the Proclamation of 1763
24.A governing body whose delegates agreed to form the Continental Army and to approve the Dec. of Independence.
26.A group of people in colonies that exchange letters on colonial affairs
27.A clash between the colonists and British officers in which Crispus Attucks and 4 other colonists were killed
28.Required all legal/commercial documents carry an official stamp showing taw had been paid
29.Led the Green Mountain Boys to capture a major British fort.
30.A law that required you to feed and house soldiers in times of war
31.A messenger for the Sons of Liberty who spread the news of how the British soldiers were coming- by land or sea
1.A search warrant that allowed British officers to search colonists' homes for smuggled goods
2.A colonist loyal to the new country
3.A group of armed civilians pledged to defend their community
4.A lawer, cousin to Samuel Adams, who defended the British soldiers who shot the colonists in the Boston Massacre
5.A member of Virginia's House of Burgesses who called for resistance to the Stamp tax
6.A meeting of delegates from all colonies but Georgia to uphold colonial rights,
8.A member of the militia trained to respond at 'a minute's notice.'
10.The document in which the colonies declared independence from Britain
11.income a government collects to cover expenses
13.A law passed by Parliament that required strict punishment for smugglers; also required taxes paid on sugar, molasses, etc
16.The son of a Native American mother and African father; died in the Boston Massacre
19.A secret society of colonists to oppose British policies
20.The dumping of 342 cases of tea in the Boston harbor by colonists dressed as Native Americans to protest the Tea Tax
22.A series of laws that suspended New York's assemblies& established taxes British goods
25.A cannon or large gun

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