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The Revolution AND War of 1812

M. Hafer

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1.The name given to Colonists who wanted the British to win the Revolutionary War.
7.To win a battle by slowly wearing down your enemy.
9.In the first year, most of the battles of the Revolution took place near this city.
14.The Americans taking on the strongest nation in 1812 reminds us of these totally fearless and insane animals that usually attack any animal that threatens it!
15.The Battle of Lake ______ was a completely shocking naval victory for the US--they SHOULD NOT have been able to win!
16.The final major battle of the Revolution.
17.This American general was successful more for keeping the war going for many years than for winning battles.
17.This city was burned down by the British in retribution for our soldiers burning York (later, Toronto).
18.This nation was reluctant to help the US because they were concerned that revolution might spread to their country as well.
2.The Battle of New Orleans was unusual because it was fought AFTER the war was _______.
3.The Battle of __________-Concord marked the beginning of the Revolution.
4.The defense of Ft. _______ was the inspiration for Key's THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER.
5.This country aided the US by sending them money as well as loans.
6.Unlike the defense of our capital, the battle for this city went well for the Americans and marks the high-point in the War of 1812.
8.The name given to the process of removing sailors from American ships and forcing them to join the French or British navy.
10.This might have been the most important American victory of the Revolution because it encouraged the French and Dutch to aid the new nation since they MIGHT just win!
11.The American invasion of ___________ was a horrible blunder and resulted in defeat after defeat.
12.Both the US and Britain declared ________ after the War of 1812!
13.Well into 1776, the Continental Congress was more interested in ________ than independence.

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