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The Vietnam Conflict


1 2 3
  4 5   6                   7   8 9        
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15 16                                
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    32 33           34        
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                38 39         40      
                42   43
            44   45       46        

8.Confidence, fighting spirit
10.A Vietnamese Communist
11.Building up and supporting South Vietnam forces to resist the Viet Cong
12.Nixon's national security adviser
13.A peace agreement was signed in 1972
16.Secret defense department papers released to the New York Times in 1971
22.Passed in 1973, this limits the president's war making powers without consulting Congress
24.The colony, under French rule, in SE Asia that included Vietnam
26.A person or government that practices or supports Communism
27.Chemical sprayed to kill plant growth which Viet Cong used as cover
29.A Congressional decision to give the president power to use military force in Vietnam
30.President of the United States between 1945 and 1953
34.Anti-Communist alliance founded in 1954
36.Increasing military involvement
37.Those who wanted to send bombers and fighting troops to Vietnam
39.Situation where neither side can win
41.President of the United States between 1963 and 1969
44.Movement of a nation of people to rule themselves
47.President of the United States between 1953 and 1961
48.A public display of group opinion about an ikssue, cause, or person
49.Areas where anything that moved was considered to be the enemy and attacked
2.An action taken by one or more nations and designed to force another nation to comply with a legal, ethical, or moral code
3.Jellied gasoline that burns violently, dropped by the US planes over wide areas
4.Land, farming
6.Surprise attacks by small bands of fighters, a tactic relied on by the Viet Cong
7.Meeting where an agreement is made to divide North and South Vietnam along 17th parallel
9.An act of aggression, hostile action or assault
14.Alliance, joining together
15.Opponents of the US government's policy in Vietnam
17.When religious leaders in South Vietnam demonstrated against Diem's rule by self-immolation
18.Former French airbase where the Vietnamese forces sieze and defeat the French
19.Moving into an area secretly
20.Weapons like gas and poison
21.A network of paths the Viet Cong used to move soldiers and supplies during the war
23.A chemical that kills plants, sprayed by United States planes over the jungles of Vietnam
28.When an entire village is destroyed
29.Military personnel sent by Kennedy to reinforce Diem in 1961
31.Group of allied countries
32.After falling to Communist forces, the name given to Saigon
33.Theory stating that if a country fell to Communism, nearby countries would fall to Communism
35.President of the United States between 1969 and 1974
38.President of the United States between 1961 and 1963
40.Helping two sides to discuss differences
42.A revolutionary leader who united three Communist groups to form the ICP
43.A bad idea in terms of politics
45.Military term meaning an area where fighting happened
48.Those who did not want to get involved in a war with North Vietnam

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