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chapter 4 key terms


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4.Pope during Henry IV's rule, one of the great leaders of the medieval chruch
9.Led monks into England, aided bringing christianity to England
10.practice of buying high positions within the church's hierarchy
13.in 1198 to 1216, one of the strongest medieval popes, strengthened the chruch and its worldly power
15.social and political system thattook its name from the manors of the Middle ages.
17.advisors to the pope, held in supreme authority
18.code of conduct known to bring major changes into a feudal society
20.Political organization in which small, local, independent leaders take over
21.Land given by a Lord to another person
23.name given to peasants in Europe
25.church's own code of laws
26.person who was granted land from a Lord
28.took over the German thrown at 5, began ruling at age 15.
29.William I of England
31.search for heretics
34.Monk who created teh rules to govern monks lives
35.Nomads from the East who settled in what is now Hungary, terrorized Europe
36.Pepin's son and the greatest of all Frankish kings
37.English ruler who ruled from 1154 to 1189, increased royal authority in England
38.Most feared invaders in Europe, were from Scandinavia in the North
1.Frederick I, also known as Frederick of the red beard
2.Became the frankish king in 481.
3.Charlemagne's only remaining son after his death. A weak and shortsighted ruler.
5.people who deny the church's principals or preach against the church
6.Credited with bringin Christianity to Ireland in 432
7.latin for "great charter", outlined the rights of England's ordinary people
8.advisors to the pope, "princes of the church"
11.elected king of Germany in 936, became known as Otto the great
12.law based upon customs and judges' decisions; rather than written codes
14.Known as Charles the hammer, Pepin II's son
16.Took the throne of Wessex, determined to drive the danes from England
18.new line of Frankish rulers, after Pepin II was anointed king
19.inheritance system from father to oldest son
22.Ruled Germany from 1046 to 1056, represented the height of imperial power
24.ceremonies at which the participants recieve God's direct favor or grace
27.Name taken by Clovis and his successors
30.time period known as the medieval period of European Development
32.court order against a region, closing all of the churches
33.also known as the Middle Ages

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