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Welcome back to the 60's

It's all about the 60's

1 2                 3
4 5   6            
7             8          
9 10               11         12            
16     17       18   19                    
20   21     22                    
  24                     25
          26         27         28  
  29 30 31                          
        33 34            
35                         36  
40                       41
  43   44                    
  47             48            

2.Jeans that rang in the 60's
6.The game that ties you up in knots
7.Songs could be heard at diners for 10 cents a song
8.Car named after a bug
10.This fun puddy is still popular today
11.I can't get no......
13.The game had you wondering who did it
14.It's a dance and also something that can be eaten
16.The Surgeon General determined that this was a health hazard
19.Helped judge how close you were to the curb when parking
22.Leader who organized Hispanics in the United Farm Workers
24.Dance made popular by Chubby Checker
26.Grateful Dead lead guitarist
31.Movie that made Dustin Hoffman a star
32.Name for the Feminist Movement
34.This dance you could even do in the water
35.3rd James Bond Film
38.April 4, 1968 Assassination
39.Wile E Coyotes counterpart was also a rockin car in the 60's
40.They sang all about Good Vibrations
42.The first popularized line dance.
43.Group that sang Leader of the Pack
45.Gene Roddenberry science fiction creation
46.First American to orbit the earth
47.Mattel made this blonde famous
48.Preached about African-American Nationalism
49.Rock'em Sock'em....
1.Space aged cartoon family
3.This Hollywood hottie was born Norma Jeane Mortenson
4.Goldie Hawn got her beginning in this comedic spoof
5.War of the 60's
9.Musical heart throb
12.This communist Cuban caused the end of diplomatic relations with the US
15.California surfers used this to surf the streets
17.November 22, 1963 Assassination
18.Show about a witch who marries a mortal
20.What coffee was made in back in the day
21.Yaba daba doo
23.This song was also turned into a movie that starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts
25.This automobile has the same name as a city in California
27.Ladies accessory to mini skirts and hot pants
28.First Mission to the Moon
29.Large music and art fair
30.Where Clark Kent changed into Superman
33.Auto named after a bird but couldn't fly
36.Group that sang He's So Fine
37.To Kill a Mockingbird writer
40.They "Can't by me Love"
41.Group that sang Baby Love
44.Morticia, Gomez, Lurch and Uncle Fester are all part of what family

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