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52 Famous Women

Robyne Edwards

Included in this puzzle are 52 Famous Women.

2                 3                     4
  5   6  
  7                                     8                
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      15   16                                 17
          18   19       20                  
  21                                 22 23                
          24                             25
    27                         28 29                      
      30                                 31  
  34                       35           36                  
  38             39
40                               41                    
42                         43                      
44                         45   46                
48                   49                        

2.Had children by both Ceasar and Marc Antony
3.Television Chef that made cover of TIME Magazine
7.Pioneer of Modern Nursing, nicknamed "Lady with the Lamp"
8.Heroine of France, led her country to victory over England in the 100 year war
9.Said, "Come on up and see me sometime."
10.Lost Her Head During the French Revolution
11.1920s Paris Stage Queen Turned 1960s Civil Activist
12.Nominated by President Clinton to be Secretary of State
14.Current monarch to 16 sovereign states known as "Commonwealth Realms"
16.President Truman referred to her as "The first lady of the world," due to her work in the area of human rights.
18.Cultural Icon Representing 6 million women who worked in manufacturing plants while men were serving in World War II
21.Won 4 Oscars for Best Actress and was Nominated 12 times. Last win was for "On Golden Pond."
23.Nicknamed "Mother of the Modern Civil-Rights Movement." Refused to give up her bus seat to a white man.
24."Queen of Soul" and "Lady Soul" are her nicknames.
27.Talk show host, has a magazine that carries her name.
29.Founder of the American Red Cross
30.First Lady from 1861 to 1865.
32.First female Attorney General of the United States
34.First Lady from 1963 to 1969
36.Received Oscar Nomination for role of Baby Jane Hudson
37.First African-American woman to serve as Secretary of State.
40.First Lady from 1977 until 1981
41.Wrote "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"
42.Born in Princeton, Missouri, friend of "Wild Bill" Hickok
43.She loved Ricky Riccardo
44.Won Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993. Wrote "Beloved."
46.First Lady from 1974 until 1977
47.Founded the Missionary of Charity. Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her humanitarian work
48.Nicknamed "Unsinkable"
49.Three time Olympic champion even though she suffered from polio as a young child
1.First Lady from 1809 to 1817
3.Married to John, mother to John and Caroline.
4.Accompanied Lewis and Clark and assisted them during their exploration
5.Civil Rights Leader that fought to have her husband's birthday declared a national holiday
6.First woman to Co-Anchor the network evening news with Harry Reasoner.
12.Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990.
13.Wrote "Little Women"
15.Mother of Prince William and Prince Harry
17.Italian actress, Academy Award Winner for Best Actress in "Two Women." Also in "Grumpier Old Men."
19.First female Associate Justice to the Supreme Court.
20.Married a president and presidential hopeful herself
22.Well known home making advocate
25.Don't Cry for me Argentina.
26.Famous Female Aviator from Atchison, Kansas
28.Mother of Social Work
31.Best Known for her Diary
33.Considered to be the best female tennis player, defeated Bobby Riggs
35.A child star and American Diplomat
36.Married to a President, Mother of a President
38.Performed in Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. "Annie Get Your Gun" is loosely based on her life.
39.Saved John Smith, Married John Rolfe, subject of a Disney Movie.
45.Winner of an Oscar, a Grammy and 3 Golden Globes

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