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World History

Taylor Roop

1 2 3                       4 5
    8 9                
          12 13        
15           16             17
  20 21      
22     23   24            
          27             28
  30   31       32 33 34           35

3.Process of slowly drying a deadbody to prevent it from rotting
6.Longest river in the world, runs through the heart of Africa
7.Land upstream the Nile, to the South
9.Rule by Few
11.Phillip II's son
12.Pelopennesian war was between Sparta and ________
14.The Belief in many gods
15.Won in a struggle of contest
16.A long poem that tells deeds of a great hero (2 words)
18.Boy-Pharoah, youngest ever
19.Practice of banning people from the city
24.Las name of the man who discovered King Tut's tomb
25.Type of Religion Rome began
27.Greek Soldiers
29.The Babylonian leader who came up with an "eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"
34.Name of the monarch of Egypt
36.The other River of he Fertile Crescent
37.Period before history was recorded with writing
38.Creators of the 1st Mesopotamian Civilization
39.A family of rulers whose right to rule is passed on within the family
40.Skilled workers that made products and traded with neighborging peopl
1.Center of all Religious Activity in Sumerian Cities
2.Age from 3000 to 1200 B.C., there was a widespread use of Bronze (2 words)
4.Revolution that occured in the Neolithic Age (2 words)
5.One river on the outskirt of the fertile crescent
8.Persian ruler who wanted revenge
10.1st woman pharoah
13.The state of Golds ruling the city or a government by divine authority
17.1st type of government
20.An administrative organization with officials and regular procedures
21.Balley between the Tigris and Euphrates
22.Greek battle formation
23.Independent cities in Southern Mesopotamia; suchas, Eridu, Ur, Uruk, basic unit of Sumerian civilization
26.High part of the city in ancient Greece, used as refuge or religious center
28.Creator of the Socratic Method
30.Sumerian system in writing using "wedge-shaped" characters
31.Government by the people or rule of many
32.A large political unit or state, usually under a single leader that controls many peoples or territories
33.Leader of the slave revolt in Rome
35.Author of the Iliad

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