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Social Studies Crossword Puzzle Assignment

1 2                
  4   5
6 7                           8      
  11 12                                     13
14                     15
      16 17                                              
      19     20              
21                                                   22      
            23     24    
2.A British passenger ship that was sunk by German Submarines, Americans were killed.
3.The price of money.
7.How countries will interact with other countries
12.Encouraged people to invest on Latin America "dollars for bullets".
16.He was a reporter that wrote about the Maine.
21.This is the central bank of the United States.
25.When a country states that they do not want to be involved with the war at all.
26.The idea that a country can determine their own governments.
27.It was an area where German submarines ruled, and any ships that enters this area will be sunk without warning.
28.This is an economy based on the selling of goods and business.
29."Speak softly and carry a big stick, and you will go far." Theodore Roosevelt urged other countries to do what he wanted them to do.
30.These were the rules set out by Woodrow Wilson to try and restore order to Europe.
1.The Archduke Ferdinand, Serbia, was assassinated and was one of the main causes of WWI.
2.A conference of representatives from each country to discuss affairs.
4.When Germany was expected to take full blame for the war.
5.To have extreme feelings toward your country.
6.President for 2 terms and known for the annexation of Hawaii.
8.To pay for the deaths, a debt.
9.When a country build up their armies, usually to prepare for war.
10.When the Ship Maine was sunk and America believed it to be the job of the Spanish.
11.Stated that 10 miles outside a country is still part of the country.
13.Type of writing when reporters exaggerated in their articles.
14.Not to be on a side.
15.Prevented any other countries to be stationed on the Western Hemisphere, and America said that they will fend for themselves.
17.When a small country is taken over by a bigger country
18.The more income you make the higher the more you lose from taxes.
19.The President during the Spanish-American War and he was the founder of the Rough Riders.
20.This stated that all countries have free trade.
22.A telegram intercepted by the British, it was from the German Ambassador to a German Representative
23.Gardens that locals grew to help the war effort.
24.Was the fleet of ships sent by Theodore Roosevelt, called the Great White Fleet because the Ships were all painted White.

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