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World War II

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2.Conference between U.S., Britain and Russia discussing plans for Europe after the War
4.Gave Germany permission to invade Sudeten territories of Czechoslovakia
8.Conference between U.S., Britain and Russia in July of 1945 that planted the seed for the Cold War
11.Lightening War
12.Leader of Russia during WW II
15.Battle in the Pacific that was a significant defeat to the Japanese
16.U.S. program of economic aid to rebuild Europe after the war
19.Japanese pilot trained to make a suicidal crash attack
20.Secret U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project to develop the atomic bomb
21.Leader of Japan during WW II
22.Pact between Germany, Italy and Japan making Japan part of the Axis
23.1st Japanese city atomic bomb was dropped
24.Leader of Britain during WW II
27.U.S. policy of supplying the Allies with equipment and materials
28.Nazi leader of Germany during WW II
29.First day of Allied invasion of Normandy (6-6-44)
30.Conference between U.S., Brtian and Russia that agreed to Allied invasion of France and Russia's offensive form the east
1. Tue Mar 22 11:50:17 2005 Start Tue Mar 22 11:50:17 2005 Finish Japanse city where 2nd atomic bomp was dropped
3.U.S. President who authorized the use of the atomic bomb
5.Japanese attacked this naval base 12-7-41
6.U.S. President during WW II, died in office
7.Alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan
9.U.S. General who supervised the invasion of Normandy and defeat of Germany, later became 34th President
10.Conference between U.S. and Britain that said Germany must surrender unconditionally
13.Pacific island talken by Allies, but with huge American casualties
14.Leader of Italy during WW II
17.An effort to keep the U.S. out of foreign wars
18.U.S. Gernal who commanded the Allied forces in the Pacific
25.German Secret State Police
26.Alliance of Britain, France, U.S. Canada and Russia

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